Detroit Furnace Maintenance

Detroit Furnace MaintenanceWe are the Detroit furnace maintenance team who cares about your continued home comfort. At Mechanical Heating and Cooling, we believe that prevention is the best way to ensure your furnace is running efficiently and to keep your home happy and healthy all year round. And what better way to prevent the need for emergency furnace repairs than to have your furnace regularly maintained by an experienced furnace maintenance professional. Read on to learn more about the Detroit furnace maintenance services offered by the Mechanical Heating and Cooling team.

Why do I need furnace maintenance?

Because Michigan winters can be so long and so cold, your furnace has to work really hard for a good chunk of the year at keeping your Detroit home at a comfortable temperature. The number of working parts in a furnace combined with the workload that your furnace is forced to endure tend to reduce the efficiency of your furnace over time. Having your furnace properly maintained by a Detroit furnace maintenance expert can not only improve the energy efficiency of your furnace and prevent the standard reduction in energy efficiency as furnaces age, but it can also improve the lifespan of our furnace significantly.

What does furnace maintenance include?

Mechanical Heating & Cooling offers regularly scheduled Detroit furnace maintenance packages with benefits far beyond those of merely having your furnace maintained. We will inspect, monitor, clean, and test different aspects of your furnace to ensure that it is functioning at its prime. This includes maintaining everything from your furnace’s heat exchanger and burners to your furnace filter and belt and even your thermostat. Our Detroit furnace maintenance experts have been ensuring furnaces are operating like new for decades, so you can rest assured that your furnace is in good hands.