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Preventing Problems Caused by Dusty Air Conditioner Coils

Have you ever experienced the intolerable annoyance of a slower-than-molasses computer with lousy performance and a noisy fan? What you may not realize is that the cause of your frustration may be easier to solve than you think. When a computer is in use, it creates an immense amount of heat—heat which is normally dissipated by a fan drawing in cool air from outside of the device.

How Can a Programmable Thermostat Save Me Money?

Have you jumped on board the energy efficiency train yet, trying to squeeze every last dollar from your energy bills and save the planet all at the same time? There are a lot of ways to increase the power of your home when it comes to reducing energy costs, but some methods will prove more profitable than others. A programmable thermostat is one option the can help you save on heating and cooling costs. But how do you make sure you are getting the most out of your new thermostat?

How to Get the Best Return on Investment from Your New Air Conditioner

One of the biggest selling points for residential heating and cooling upgrades is the promise for a significant return on investment. However, a lot more goes into the equation than simply buying an air conditioner that’s new. In order to get the best return on investment from your new air conditioning unit, be sure to take the following factors into account.


Top 10 Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Think home improvements will substantially increase the selling price of your home? You may want to think again. Some renovations not only fail to improve resale profits, but could actually detract from your home's overall value. Here are the Top 10 home improvement s that can increase the value of your home and help you sell a little faster.

10. New Windows and Doors
New windows and doors can offer energy-efficiency and are visually appealing, but they don't necessarily translate into a return for you. Your return on investment is only about 35%

Breaker, Breaker... Who's Got the Breaker?


Locating a breaker when you have a circuit overload can be a real problem. Usually it’s the darn hair dryer or the microwave that seems to always leave us in the dark.

What's That Funky Smell?

Yo Buddy! We definitely can’t blame that one on the dog. A rotten egg smell coming from our water faucets can happen for a couple of reasons. In this case, it’s happening when using the hot water only, so that means the problem lies within our water heater.

Feeling Dry & Flakey?

Many of you have either portable humidifiers or ones like this one attached to your furnace. This is a whole house humidifier and does require a little maintenance once a year so you can keep your home more comfortable and your heat turned down a little lower.

  This type of humidifier is piped into your homes water lines and it feeds itself so you don’t ever need to fill it. The water runs across a filter pad inside and as the furnace runs, the warm air blows across the pad and brings the humidity up into your home.

Does a Water Heater Need Maintenance?

Water heater maintenance is easy to overlook because the tank just sits there and has no moving parts to worry about. But inside, two things are constantly attacking your water heater: sediment and rust.

Most steel water heater tanks are lined with glass to prevent rust. But the glass lining is never perfect, and the constant temperature fluctuations cause it to expand and contract, causing very small openings. When water eventually penetrates the lining, the tank begins to rust. The good news is, there are ways to minimize the damage.