Commercial Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning isn’t just for your home, it is for your office building too! These more heavily trafficked buildings have a larger quantity of dust and debris circulating the air, getting into the duct work and filters. 

Our goal is to improve the quality of your indoor air. ​

We utilize our expertise to bring about a cleaner, healthier indoor environment, where occupants feel good about the air they breathe! But no building is the same, which is why our first step is to send out one of our experts to evaluate your system and give you a customized quote.

​Signs You Need Commercial Duct Cleaning

You cannot easily see the inside of the ductwork running through your building, even in rooms where the ductwork in the ceiling is exposed.

Most businesses receive their heating and cooling through conditioned air that is forced through a large network of ducts built into the walls and ceilings. Although this ductwork is a source of comfortable temperatures for a commercial space, it can also turn into a detriment for indoor air quality if it does not receive routine cleaning to remove the dust, dirt, and other contaminants that will start to accumulate inside it. 

Reasons why you should consider commercial duct cleaning services:

You’ll have a cleaner workspace

  • A dirty duct system will simply circulate dust and mold spores around your office. No matter how much general cleaning you do, you still need to worry about the accumulation of dust coming from your ductwork.

You’ll improve the air quality

  • You might just be surprised how quality air can improve the output of your employees. With improved air qualities you will notice a decline in sickness and allergy symptoms at the office. With the combination of commercial duct cleaning and maintenance air quality will be noticeably improved. Click here to learn more about commercial maintenance.​

It’s time for Commercial Duct Cleaning If:

  1. You notice dust around your ducts
  2. You notice an increase of dust particles floating around your vents or in the air
  3. You notice a persistent odor in the office
  4. You notice your employees are constantly getting sick
  5. You notice an increase in allergies in the office

Our Services

Here at Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we’re in the business of cleaning your air. We’ll make sure that you’ll be breathing clean and fresh air again in your workspace.​

Our customized quote will include:

  • Cleaning of Supply Vents and Duct Work
    • Supply vents are registers that you see in your office, where the conditioned air comes out of. These are attached to supply ducts, which blow air internally. Naturally, you want the air blowing into your office to be clean and we can make sure of this. ​
  • Cleaning of Return Registers and Ductwork
    • Opposite to supply vents are the return registers. This system pulls air from your office and supplies it to your HVAC system. ​
  • Sanitizing Air Ducts
    • Prevent the spread of germs, mold spores, and other nasty things that lurk in your office ​with a sanitizing solution.
  • Deodorizing Air Ducts
    • We’ll deodorize and remove the musty and moldy smell that runs through your air ducts.

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