Commercial Maintenance

Mechanical Heating and Cooling has a maintenance team that is dedicated to making sure all your heating and cooling equipment is running efficiently and effectively. Commercial heating and cooling equipment undergoes a lot more wear and tear than residential systems, because of the increased amount of space being heated or cooled. With this being said, it is important to make sure they equipment is being properly maintained to keep it effectively and efficiently. With regular maintenance your system immediately begins doing more work with less energy operating at the design efficiency and with less wear on the equipment and reduced chance of inconve­nient and expensive breakdowns. Maintenance also presents the opportunity to identify and fix existing problems before they escalate and become more costly.

Our maintenance plans:

Because commercial buildings have various amounts and types of heating and cooling equipment, we customize maintenance plans to include your specific equipment. Our plans include four visits annually: heating tune up, cooling tune up, and two additional filter changes.

Cooling Tune up

  • Clean Evaporator Coil
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Test Pressures & Temperatures
  • Monitor Refrigerant
  • Monitor Operation of all Safety Controls
  • Oil and/or Grease all Motor and Shaft Bearings
  • Monitor Operation of all Electrical Components
  • Adjust Belts
  • Replace Filters
  • Clear Drains
  • Monitor Thermostat Operation
  • Inspect Accessories
  • Verify System Operation

Heating Tune Up

  • Clean Burners and Pilot Assembly
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Monitor Carbon Monoxide and Gas Pressures
  • Oil and/or Grease all Motor and Shaft Bearings
  • Replace Belts and Filters
  • Monitor Thermostat Operation
  • Inspect Accessories
  • Verify System Operation

Additional Benefits include:

  • Automatic reminders/scheduling for maintenance visits
  • Detailed reports about condition and operation of all equipment after tune ups
  • Priority scheduling for service needs
  • 10% off all service repairs

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